Janet M. Letourneau, MBA, CPBA
President & Founder


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“An eye opener for all! This project was as important to Janet as it was to us.”

L.M., Preservation Society of Newport County


“What I liked best about the program is that Janet reminded us of the power we have as frontline people.”

Y.M., Textron Financial


“Janet is a dynamic presenter. She held my attention throughout the entire session and made the information immediately absorbable.”

E.A., Symbio Designs


“Good ability to get the point across to the group. I liked the tips and the interaction with group members.”

M.F., North Safety


“I found this workshop to be very refreshing, energizing, and inspiring. I liked looking at concrete examples of how people make the world better through good customer service!”

A.R., Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics


“Was expecting touchy-feely type of discussions. This was more straightforward and most importantly practical. Janet has great energy and vast experience to draw from. Excellent trainer.”

E.R., Jeweler’s Board of Trade


“Great job! This workshop really got people to ‘come out of their own roles’ and see the entire agency as a team/family!”

B.R., Community VNA


“I learned new ways to improve our service in house and out. Janet was very engaging: was talking on our level; not above us.”

C.S., Jewelers Board of Trade


“Everything spelled out in POWER – tells a story and its significance. Outstanding with awesome direction!”

K.G., Siemens


“Janet quickly grasped the complexity of our organization and understood the user-friendly importance for our special volunteer program. Her competence, coupled with her sense of humor and excellent interpersonal skills quickly made Janet an integral part of our team.”

M.S., American Cancer Society


“The leadership program was a great way for me to learn about myself and the perspective of others. I am certain the information has helped over the last weeks in my day-to-day duties. The concepts discussed are tools that I can use at all levels of my work whether it is with my team, my peers or upper management. I am committed to putting these concepts into daily practices.”



“I have never given much thought of having a full understanding of what my manager faces on a daily basis. This course has made the importance of such knowledge and understanding relevant!”

G.D., Bank RI


“The topics were covered thoroughly. The participants had ample opportunity to interact. Janet was very engaging and an expert in this subject area!”

J.C., Bridgewater State University


“All of the tools that I have learned in Janet’s sessions allow me to have these new abilities that will positively impact my leadership skills and management effectiveness within my workplace.”

K.L., Ferguson Perforating


“I credit the concrete, relatable examples of intangible expectations and other concepts to Janet’s class. It was eye-opening for me to realize that we all have intangible expectations…”

A.D., Leadership Rhode Island


“All of the concepts in Janet’s sessions have changed my outlook on my position and how I handle day-to-day operations. I now feel more at ease all the way to upper management’s expectations and all the way down to employee morale…These concepts could work for anyone and are very simple to implement.”

J.B., NATURALAWN of America


“Overall, I learned more from this class than I thought possible in 18 hours! The new skill for increasing trust, knowing how to better face negativity and the ability of all things – to rest – will greatly increase my impact as a leader in my business, community, and my home!”

R.H., Phalanx Engineering, Inc


“I enjoyed your class very much for the insight you brought to it. I’m used to maths classes. Mining the worlds of character and values has everything over calculating coefficients of steel expansions.”

P.W., Lavigne Manufacturing


“I would like to thank Janet for helping me discover the wisdom I need to begin my journey in becoming a whole person of character and integrity.”

M.B., Arthur Blank