Janet M. Letourneau, MBA, CPBA
President & Founder


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Providence College has no shortage of devoted professors, which is why the PCSB would like to introduce the Professor Spotlight series. The PCSB is full of incredible professors who invest countless hours into their students to prepare them for life in the business world. Without these educators, the PCSB would not be where it is today. This week, we are proud to introduce marketing professor Janet Letourneau.

Q What is your most memorable experience at Providence College?

That is a difficult question. The reason it is such a difficult question is because I love being here.  To pick one thing would be impossible. I will share that I was very surprised my first academic year at Providence College when I was nominated and awarded for an innovation in teaching award. But, I think my memorable experiences are in the classroom or working with students in my office. The relationships I create are everything. The sense of community at Providence College is almost overwhelming. I try to explain to my family and friends, but the feeling is indescribable.

Q What is your favorite class to teach at Providence College?

I am blessed to be able to teach courses that I love. I love Buyer Behavior, I love Intro to Marketing, and I love Promotional Strategies. The students are the ones that bring the class to life. The students are the ones that make me love what I teach.

Q Operating your consulting firm and educating college students must keep you extremely busy. How do you manage your time?

I am surgical with it and I am always making lists. I constantly work and have a family life, which forces me to be on my game all the time.

Q What is the best piece of advice you can give an aspiring business student?

Love what you do, and be passionate about what you do. Short and simple.

Q Your affinity for quotes is well noted amongst your current and former students. Can you please leave us with a quote?

“If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.”