Janet M. Letourneau, MBA, CPBA
President & Founder


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Contact: Janet M. Letourneau
September 2005

Janet M. Letourneau, M.B.A., CPBA; President of Peak Performers, Inc. has been chosen to be the lead instructor for the TRACS programs at RIC’s Outreach Center. “Training Responsible Adults in Customer Service” is a 26-week program running twice annually. Participants will earn their certification in customer service endorsed
by the International Customer Service association.

Along with customer service topics, Janet will also provide skill building in other professional development topics and invite speakers in customer service from local
companies. Although Janet is the lead instructor, the students will also attend other skill building sessions with other instructors including PC & MAC applications, career
development, business math, business writing and a host of other valuable sessions preparing them for new careers in the workplace. The program also includes an 80-hour internship program and entry-level placement with local companies.

She has spent her career serving customers and motivating customer service teams to consistently “raise the bar” toward service improvement. As a Customer Service
Professional for over twenty years, Janet has restructured and groomed customer service teams in assorted industries including Retail Banking, Sporting Goods, Craft & Hobby, Electronics Packaging and the Ophthalmic Industry.

Rhode Island College Outreach Programs serve the unemployed/dislocated/underemployed workers in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts by providing the following certificate programs and training: Bookkeeping & Accounting, customer Service, Dental Assistances, Insurance Technicians, and Medical assistants.

For further information contact Jen Giroux or Vidal DeLaCruz at 401-456-8698.