Janet M. Letourneau, MBA, CPBA
President & Founder


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Janet M. Letourneau, M.B.A., CPBA; President of Peak Performers, Inc. is scheduled to conduct two seminars during a third annual management institute for the Council of Engineering & Scientific Society Executives conference on July 26th.

Creating A Customer Service Oriented Culture along with Style Awareness are the two topics Janet will present to registered attendees.

She has spent her career serving customers and motivating customer service teams to consistently “raise the bar” toward service improvement. As a Customer Service Professional for twenty years, Janet has restructured and groomed customer service teams in assorted industries including Retail Banking, Sporting Goods, Craft & Hobby, Electronics Packaging and the Ophthalmic Industry.

The Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives (CESSE), incorporated in 1977, is an informal, not-for-profit international organization of chief executive officers and mid-to-senior level staff members of scientific and engineering societies. CESSE offers its members a forum for exchanging information about their experiences and a venue for addressing the problems, challenges, and opportunities they face in operating their societies. CESSE’s greatest resource is its members’ wisdom and experience. CESSE members are known — some are even notorious — for their willingness to share their knowledge with colleagues.

The objective of CESSE is to advance, in the public interest, the arts and sciences of the management of engineering and scientific societies. For more information about CESSE and their conferences go to www.CESSE.Org.