Is your organization working effectively and efficiently to achieve established objectives? Are your leaders, managers, and supervisors achieving these objectives through their direct reports? Are they skilled at understanding their impact and the skills of their team members? Peak Performers brings real-world experience to the latest theories in order to meet the many and never-ending challenges of leaders and managers. Our programs, which can be customized to fit your needs, will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of internal communications leading to increased understanding, and better decision-making processes.

It’s All About YOU! (DISC)

Most of us have no idea about the impact we have on our co-workers, bosses, customers and everyone with whom we come in contact. You need to know you so that you create the right impact, at the right time, with the right people, for the right purpose. Designed for employees at all levels, the session offers you the opportunity to know your style and identify specific styles in others. As a result, relationships and communication skills will improve, conflict will be reduced significantly, and you will understand how to work both efficiently and effectively with all people at all levels. In advance of the session, you will complete a self-evaluation that offers in-depth feedback and personal insight to your individual work style. (Full day)

Managing Up: Understanding Your Boss

Learn about “Managing Your Boss”, a concept developed by John J. Gabarro and John P. Kotter, authors of this Harvard Business Review classic. Being successful means having the ability to manage relationships with your peers, those who work for you, and your boss. Understand the basic checklist for taking charge in this relationship for win/win results, and create your own specific check list. You will become more aware of your boss, understand the relationship and its importance, along with understanding how you impact those who report to you! (Half day)

Leadership, Another Dimension

EQ – Emotional Intelligence has been found to play a major role in leadership success. Each of the five components: self-awareness, self-control, motivation, empathy and social skills will be reviewed along with 20+ core competencies most associated with EQ. Learn about this insightful topic and how it impacts your success, how you lead, and follow others! (Half day)

Leading with Integrity!

Dr. Henry Cloud has identified six competencies for achieving complete integrity from years of working with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and individual leaders.   This session will deepen your definition of integrity by understanding the six competencies, clarifying, discussing, and providing examples of each. At the end of the session, you will view integrity differently and fully understand how it “helps you meet the demands of reality.”  For maximum results, it’s recommended that participants have received training in DISC style awareness and understand the basic concepts of emotional intelligence.  (Half day)

Am I Leading or Managing?

There is a difference! Managing day-to-day activities is one thing; while leading your team to success is another.  This session will cover the key differences between the two; along with individual and group activities. Each participant will take a simple survey during the session to see how close they come to leading or managing or both.  At the end of the session, participants will be clear on where they stand and how they can improve their current performance to better lead and manage their teams.  For maximum results, it’s recommended that participants have completed training in DISC and have their profile.   (Half day)

Building & Maintaining Effective Teams – The Vital Elements

Teams are only as good as each member and those who lead them! Do you sense something missing from your team?   Is every team member performing to the best of their ability? Does trust exist?  This session will provide the basic criteria for team effectiveness; a survey will be taken based on these criteria, providing a snapshot on the strengths and weaknesses of your team.  You will consider your team’s current performance and learn the steps you can take to improve results.

Managing Conflict Successfully Brings Huge Rewards!

What is conflict and how is it defined? People encounter conflict in the workplace, in their personal lives and in everyday transactions. Learn the difference between styles and strategies, along with key questions to ask when you deal with conflict and its resolution. A pre-session survey will be taken and a personal inventory of strategies generated. Participants will become more aware of the strategy they use most, which is key to dealing with conflict successfully. Note: DISC style awareness is recommended as a pre-requisite to this workshop.(Half day)

So Much to Do…So Little Time

Do you find yourself saying “there’s never enough time!” Do you look at others and wonder how they accomplish so much and you so little? Understanding the time wasters, the self-imposed detours and the key quadrants will help you on your way to understanding time management, feeling better about the challenge and gaining skills to best organize your day, week, and month professionally and personally. (Half day)

Time for the Meeting!

Research indicates that meetings can be one of our biggest time robbers. Are you tired of wasting time at meetings that go nowhere? Do you walk out of a meeting and wonder what the purpose was? Were the right people at the meeting? Should you have been there? This session will take you through the steps of planning, organizing, arranging and facilitating meetings that work! All meetings do not require hours and hours to be effective. Learn how a 15-minute meeting can do wonders for attendees and how they can be both effective and efficient. (Half day)

Making your MARRC! Great Individuals = Powerful Teams!

This full-day workshop creates awareness for participants regarding their impact in the workplace. Participants will understand: they have a reputation, the term empowerment, key ingredients for team skills, the GREAT Model, defining and solving problems, and the need to build social capital for results. Performance that is Measurable, Accountable, Responsible,Results driven and with Conceptual flexibility are the cornerstones for this insightful session. (Full day)

Training the Trainer

How effective are your trainers? Are they prepared and do they enjoy and feel comfortable training, facilitating, and presenting? This workshop takes the inexperienced and novice trainer to the next level via information and applications on organizing a session, understanding the audience dynamics, instilling confidence, generating enthusiasm, reviewing structure, launching a session and more. Like all other Peak Performers programs, this topic can be made to fit the needs of your trainers and your objectives. The program also provides an evaluation to measure the trainers’ performance, so their respective supervisor can coach them. (Full day)

Difficult People? Many Blessings!

Believe it or not, there are ten common types of difficult people! Coping with the “negaholics” can be a challenging and draining experience for professionals at all levels. Did you know that negative people could be our best teachers? This workshop will review the 10 common types of difficult people and provide ways to cope with each. In addition, the session will take you from coping with difficult people to exercises that take you beyond coping to deeper understanding. (Half day)

Change is a Sure Thing!

This three-part series covers the key aspects of change. The Phases of change incorporates the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” to learn and identify each phase. Participants explore the value of embracing change through humor and visual learning aids. Dealing with change includes a self-assessment assisting the participants to recognizing the phase they’re in, and how to move through them with ease. Managing the change curve is the final part of the series, covering another self-assessment along with tips on how to ensure ongoing success through change initiatives. (This series can be split into 2.5 hour segments or done in one complete day)