Janet M. Letourneau, MBA, CPBA
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Customer Service Programs

No matter what product (goods or services) you provide, your employees and customers are the essential assets that drive your business. Your success in responding to their needs is dependent on the contribution of each and every employee. Peak Performers helps you develop a consistent, company-wide approach to managing internal and external customer relationships. Our programs ensure that your valued customers will receive the attention they need and the respect they deserve.

It’s all about YOU! (DISC)

Many of us are clueless about the impact we have on our co-workers, bosses, customers and everyone with whom we come in contact. Individuals at all levels need to know themselves so that they create the right impact, at the right time, with the right people, for the right purpose. Designed for employees at all levels, the session offers participants the opportunity to recognize and ACCEPT their style while identifying specific styles in others. As a result, relationships and communication skills will improve, conflict will be reduced significantly, and participants will understand how to work both efficiently and effectively with all people at all levels. In advance of the session, participants will complete a validated survey that offers in-depth feedback and personal insight to their individual work style. (Full day)


Superior customer service requires continuous improvement along with meeting never-ending challenges.  It’s all about going the extra mile and exceeding customer expectations.  This workshop is not about the basics of service! It’s an energizer for all employees or just the frontline!  The workshop will renew the understanding of providing top-notch service and the value it brings to the firm, their customers and themselves.  Lifetime value, core, expected and bonus benefits, moments of truth are a few key themes covered. Participants will take part in 7 individual and team applications.  This session reviews the P.O.W.E.R. of professionals at all levels.   (Half-day)

Building Your Authentic Brand in the Workplace

Developing strength, cooperation, motivation and authenticity in and out of the workplace make a difference for you and others.  In fact, it builds your brand.  What’s the first attribute that people say/think when they hear your name?   Brilliant, kind, hard-working, team player, caring, optimistic…? Do you want to create positive change in your department, company, personal life?  It starts with you! This workshop will take you through some basic principles/reminders that are easy and quick to initiate, generating a multitude of benefits for you, your coworkers and customers.  You will walk away with a good idea of your existing brand, leave with an action plan for changing, enhancing, & authentically promoting your brand, while learning what you do contributes to your image. This highly interactive workshop (targeting employees at all levels) includes more than a few hands-on individual and team applications.  Everyone is a brand; what’s yours?    (1/2 day)

HOLD ON! Service Driven Telephone/E-mail Skills

The ability to respond to each and every call and email with professionalism and courtesy is one of the most important skills a professional can possess. Tips and techniques for positive telephone and email communication are the focus in this workshop. Gain insight to developing rapport quickly, understand telephone standards specific to your organization, gain awareness for best practices in digital communication and its impact, along with call transfers, message taking, voice mail, reducing stress/fatigue, voice impact and more!   (Half day)

Satisfying Internal Customers…What’s Your Reputation?

The relationship between internal customers impacts the successful delivery of quality goods and services to the end-user, your external customer. This course addresses the needs of all employees who have a customer/supplier relationship within their organization. THE program covers front stage/backstage, RATER Factor and it is recommended that a cross-section of employees from your organization attend this session together to practice the internal customer relationship. This workshop opens with a 60-second commercial, kicking off team interaction. (Half day)

It’s Not What We Say, It’s How We Say It!

Communicating effectively requires an understanding of the verbal and non-verbal messages we send and receive when dealing with others. This session identifies those signals (words, voice tone, and body language) that promote or hamper positive human relationships. It also includes how to properly handle written communications via e-mail, faxes, and letters. (Half day)

Taking a Difficult Customer to a Loyal Customer

Is your team challenged and frustrated dealing with difficult or dissatisfied customers? Did you know that the most difficult people can turn into loyal, long-lasting customers? Participants will better understand the behavior of difficult, upset and abusive customers; and how to deal with them in a manner that brings satisfaction for the customer, service provider and the organization. While learning the L.A.F.F. and D.E.F.U.S.E.D. methods, attendees will recognize the value of problem solving and appreciate the high-level of satisfaction that it yields. (Half day)

It’s About Attitude, Your Most Valuable Asset!

Would you like to know some neat attitude adjustment techniques? Do you find yourself asking why you might be cranky? Are the “office victims” getting to you and you don’t know how to rid yourself of the negativity? This workshop addresses the concept of attitude in terms of what it is and how you can get back on track. Included is a self-assessment questionnaire along with techniques in managing our own attitudes, ensuring that we are not infected by those whose attitudes are less than acceptable. “Attitudes are contagious; is yours worth catching?” (Half day)